The vertiginous growth and adoption of digital platforms. Particularly social networks and a trend towards. Connectivity through mobile devices has motivated. Them to seek a presence. In these scenarios to connect with their audiences. The vertiginous growth and adoption of digital platforms. Particularly social networks and a trend towards connectivity. Through mobile devices has motivated brands. To seek a presence in these scenarios to connect with their audiences. One of the areas that gain relevance over time. And will be even more. So in the near future is mobile marketing since it is a valuable. Resource to try to connect with people in the right. Place and at the right time with technology. Correct the investment. In digital advertising for 2018 is estimated to exceed. 281 thousand 407 million dollars worldwide. According to projected data in statista.

There Are Many Twitter Instagram Snapchat Are the Main Social

There are many twitter instagram snapchat are the main social. Platforms where brands seek to connect with their target. Audiences particularly because they access. Buy Indonesia Whatsapp Numbers Them through their mobile devices. It is a fact that social networks are gaining more. And more relevance, of the estimated investment. For this 2018 in digital advertising more than. 51 thousand 300 million dollars. Will be for social media only behind search advertising. Here are 3 tips to optimize your social media strategy. For mobile devices according to kalin kassabov. Ceo of protexting.Com build. Mobile-friendly social networks currently adaptive. Or responsive design is very common the idea is that. Sites have content and graphics that adapt to any. Web and mobile format this concept .Must be applied to content for social.

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On Facebook Alone About 95 Percent of Users Log in Using

On facebook alone, about 95 percent of users log in using. Their smartphones according to data from statista. For this reason it is advisable to focus on short publications .And if video is made the vertical. Format is very functional speaking. Of videos keep them short. Consumption will grow as there are more users. Of mobile devices especially in according. To cisco projections by 2021 video will represent. More than 80 percent of internet traffic. Kassabov recalls that younger generations find videos. To be more connected than they are. To television and he highlights short videos. Because that is usually the best option for marketing. Notably in a wistia study people ‘s engagement. When watching a video declines past.

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