Investment in digital advertising worldwide has. Encouraging projections and proof of this is the more than 252 billion dollars expected in 2018, according to emarketer estimates. The user who makes use of technology is increasingly present in the market, significantly modifying consumption patterns and according to mónica casal , country manager of elogia, the agency that carried out the study of the new habits of internet users in mexico 2016 amipci,these are the Vatican City B2B List three major trends that you cannot ignore when designing your digital marketing strategy.

Optimization for mobile platforms a good user

Optimization for mobile platforms a good user. by all means,Experience begins with navigation any content. Or type of action must have its mirror design to be. Vatican City B2B List Optimized for the small screen the smartphone. Hard fact according to casal, business models are already. Emerging that are developed primarily for digital. Media so it is necessary to bear in mind the concept. Of adaptability to mobile platforms especially. certainly,In a global context where the use of smartphones. Has grown in mexico for example the penetration. In the use of this device reached 71.4. Vatican City B2B List Percent in men and 69.6 percent in women.

Four are the digital marketing channels that

Vatican City B2B List

Four are the digital marketing channels that. markedly,Are projected to receive the most investment. According to forrester research this 2016. In countries such as the united states search. Marketing which expects an investment of 35 billion dollars. Followed by display advertising, with 27 thousand 920 million dollars; social media, with an investment of 11 thousand 720 million dollars and email marketing, which could obtain an investment of 2 thousand 470 million dollars. 3. Targets and audiences become people “the division between the personal self and the Vatican City B2B List professional self is a more diffuse line.


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