A socialbakers survey of 256 marketers at various companies. Revealed that 92 percent use facebook ads. This relatively small sample tells us about the importance. Of social media advertising today. Particularly on facebook advertising is becoming. A must for companies that want to continue receiving benefits. From this platform the so-called pay to play.Is a reality due to the various adjustments. That this social network belonging to mark zuckerberg. Has had and although this can be a bad thing for many companies. The ads are still effective. The clearest reflection of this is is found in what was revealed. By search engine people who point out that in 2017 together with google. Claimed 60 percent of all investment in digital advertising.

There is no doubt about the importance of ads on the platform

There is no doubt about the importance of ads on the platform. And for this reason we share 4 actions that you can implement. Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists To optimize results 1 use targeting. As you may already know. One of the great advantages of ads on digital platforms. Is the extensive targeting that can be provided. On facebook this is an action that cannot be omitted if better. Results or roi are sought if you are looking. For a better ctr and conversions with your campaigns. Always consider targeting your ads to your consumers. And your fans 2 work with different. Types of ads facebook works with different formats. For its ads and it is important to take advantage of them to develop. Your brand’s creativity establish differentiating points. And identify which one provides the best results.

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An advantage to highlight is that the different types

An advantage to highlight is that the different types. Of ads that the platform allows are aimed at marketing objectives. For your company, whether you are looking for leads. Downloads feedback facebook has a good option. For example there are carousel ads video ads and lead generation. Ads 3 establish a conversion funnel converting . Fans into consumers of the brand is one. Of the main goals that businesses have and that is why it is important. To implement funnel with ads among the actions. You can take is creating and focusing on different. Audiences to adjust your ads according to the stage where. They are within the funnel knowing each stage. In the well to develop offers aimed at your prospects. At each stage or setting goals in your campaigns based on.

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