1. Disney
Disney is much more than children’s movies , that’s a fact. The company has movie studios, radio stations, theme parks, television. News channels, sports and children’s programming, even characters like the simpsons, with the recent purchase of fox .

All of the above, under the same brand: disney.

Its audience, despite recognizing its multiple brands, knows that they are. All under the curtain of the company and that they are protected by the “disney magic”.

The semantic universes of each story that is shown in theaters. Television, streaming services and its parks, regardless of their differences. Complement each other to show their consumers that the brand puts its touch in each one.

2. Google

This name is so powerful, that it has become a verb. Alphabet, as it is known. In the stock market, houses within itself a huge number. Of products and services that harmonize within the google brand architecture.

Every product the company has carries with it the giant’s signature. In terms of integrity, flexibility, its goals and what it anticipates for the future.

The Business Development Directors Email Lists company has been able to stay competitive over time by creating. Valuable messages about its mission and purpose .

In that sense, each product and service that they promote is loaded. With these values, as well as transparency, strength and simplicity.

Something that also distinguishes google in its multi-brand strategy. Is its ability to diversify its base of platforms and software. To the point of collaborating with professionals, regular consumers and businesses.


Business Development Directors Email Lists
Amazon is much more than books, for quite some time. In its architecture we can see the extension of the brand to many markets.

For example, with the birth of amazon basics, the company focuses. Similarly, On competing in the strongest categories of products, with. After that, A number of high-quality items and reasonable prices that make any brand reel.

After that, They have dozens of brands that serve different needs, for example:

Amazon fresh – where the customer finds grocery products.
Amazon prime : discount services for shipping, streaming, discounts on products, among others.
Amazon echo – products that integrate amazon’s voice interface for multiple purposes.
Amazon kindle : digital book purchase, storage and consumption service through amazon tablets.
The tendency to create sub-brands and harmonize them under. The same structure, but independently, is thanks to amazon. Which is a clear example of the success of multi-brand strategies.

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