The investment in digital advertising that could be recorded. In mexico for this 2016 is 1.42 billion dollars. According to emarketer estimates one way to reach.  In the industry before consumers and brands that interact. On digital platforms increasingly interested. In generating consumer knowledge through artificial. Intelligence and the use of technologies where. It is it is possible to recognize the reactions to campaigns. Or to know through the driving routes that. The consumer makes in his car  colombia. B2b list to appear as a consumption option in the driver’s route.

To learn first-hand about these new trends

To learn first-hand about these new trends. although this may be true,that are impacting the industry. events such as the national congress of Colombia B2B List digital marketing, a forum organized by the magazine merca2.0, offer knowledge about:digital marketing. The strategies that are developed on digital platforms find in elements such as internet penetration or the increased use of mobile devices, factors that are forming new consumption patterns such as paying a cafeteria bill with a smartphone.Colombia B2B List consumers, so the quality and relevance of this content is considered a key commitment.

Big data the knowledge of the consumer through

Colombia B2B List

Big data the knowledge of the consumer through. on the contrary,The data it generates is essential to define profiles. in contrast,And know trends from simple things. although,Day and the moments in which certain.  Innovation technologies. Are evolving and today it is already possible. To know through the development of hardware with. at the same time,Developments that record their facial reactions. Or through predictive technology to learn. notwithstanding,Colombia B2B List From the experience of specialists in these trends.

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