Finally, we want to share some metrics that you should take into account to understand how effective your shopping experience is and understand how you could optimize your actions to generate a higher return on investment .

After all, metrics are the compass to understand where you are going and where to direct your actions. We’ll see!

feedback review
One of the characteristics of the new consumer is that he is always sharing his experiences regarding what he buys and consumes.

Reviewing their feedback on your product page, social media,

And consumer advocacy websites will help you learn what your strengths are and where you can improve.

Net Promoter Score
The NPS measures the satisfaction of your customers. It’s about directly asking your customers how likely they are to VP Engineering Email Lists recommend your services on a scale of 1 to 10.

This can be accompanied by open questions to identify more insights that help you outline your strategy.

Conversion rate
The conversion rate is, in short, one of the main metrics of Digital Marketing. This reflects the percentage of users who perform a specific action, be it subscribe, register, reserve or buy.

Following this metric after implementing an A/B test will allow you to see how effective that action was with respect to the purchase experience.

Churn Rate Another important metric to evaluate

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The shopping experience is the Churn Rate. This is the cancellation rate recorded in your customer base.

In SaaS businesses this is reflected as cancellation of subscription plans, for example. Evaluating churn allows you to understand the causes of churn and plan strategies for retention.

The shopping experience is decisive to be successful in your sales, both in offline and online channels.

And it is that putting yourself in the shoes of your users helps you understand their motivations beyond wanting to meet your sales goals.

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