The production of 360º videos and virtual. Reality is one of the areas that will grow the most in the future for the world of marketing. In 2016, 360 and virtual reality videos are gaining popularity among users, which makes them a tool that marketing can exploit in several of its fields, brands and agencies know this, so they already allocate resources to develop content in these formats. Proof of this are the estimates on the growth of the virtual reality market in the united states during the following years, it is expected to reach a value of 5.2 billion dollars by 2018,VP Technical Email Lists  according to data from statista.

Hence this technology represents a new showcase

Hence this technology represents a new showcase. From personal branding, political marketing. VP Technical Email Lists Digital marketing and others here we share. Some of the 360º videos that have been made in. Recent months brands mercedes benz invites users. To take a ride in its sl along the california coast. The spot was published on february. 12 on youtube, so far it has more than 163 thousand. Views social marketing belgian beer brand stella. VP Technical Email Lists Artois has teamed up with water org to launch the. Buy a lady a drink campaign. in like manner,To raise awareness of water scarcity in. VP Technical Email Lists Countries.

VP Technical Email Lists

Of development where it is mainly women

Of development where it is mainly women. And girls who make long journeys to get some of the vital liquid. Media – politics conversation with michelle obama. This interview conducted by the verge represents an area of ​​opportunity for the media by sharing content in this format, joining the list of media that bet on 360 videos and virtual reality, but it is also for the personal branding of the first lady of united states. moreover,VP Technical Email Lists  Fashion.

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