Digital marketing found in email and social network. Messages, strategies to carry out personalized communication, according to venturebeat. Throughout these days a series of innovations in digital marketing have been presented and it is important to list them to have a context of advances or changes that are taking place in the industry. The first of them comes from the hand of snapchat , a platform that drew attention during the presidential debate that took place on monday, september 26. In the midst of this debate came the launch of a snapchat Cambodia B2B List geofilter as part of the campaign of the republican candidate, donald trump .

Media such as today reported that the campaign

Media such as today reported that the campaign. Used a geofilter in which the republican used filters. Alluding to the presidential debate he held against. Cambodia B2B List Democrat hillary clinton as part of his digital. Political marketing strategy in which he has maintained. Communication through twitter a channel through. Which he generally generates conversation and. Public relations strategies by appearing in national. Media that take up his publications as statements. A second novelty also has to do with snapchat. A platform that could generate revenues. Cambodia B2B List Of one billion dollars in 2017 according to emarketer.

Which demonstrates not only the growth of a platform

Cambodia B2B List

Which demonstrates not only the growth of a platform. And the strengthening of a millennial generation of consumers. But also it is a sign of what we are about to see. In an industry in which social media platforms. Have expected profits in 2017 of 41 billion dollars. According to the same firm that we previously cited. As a third novelty we have the possible. Developments that google could be presenting after david. Ruddock a specialist in the android market assured. That the company would be developing a laptop. With an operating system called. Andromed a system launched Cambodia B2B List through huawei nexus tablets.

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