Now that you know how to measure engagement, you’re probably eager to know how to boost it, so we won’t keep you waiting any longer.

Here we leave you 5 key strategies that will help you achieve it:

1. Build a solid and powerful website
In this digital and interconnected age, the website plays a key role in the user experience .

Among other things, a solid web portal is a constant interaction channel and a source of functionalities that add value to the commercial offer and really make a person a follower of a brand.

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To meet this fundamental requirement for Engagement, you must take into account the best practices of WPO.

The Web Performance Optimization (WPO) encompasses a set of technical actions that allow a site to guarantee a good experience on the page .

One of these is to opt for a responsive design, that is, one that adapts the formats to different devices, mainly mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones.

Also, it demands the optimization of page loading speed, a key element of Technical SEO.

2. Offer a strong app for customers
As a complement to a solid portal, you can offer a mobile application for clients, which contributes to VP Purchasing Officer Email Lists retention and makes the service personalized , promoting a solid and lasting relationship.

Like a website, a mobile app must be highly functional and have a fast learning curve, which is achieved by developing an intuitive and consistent interface and design.

3. Provide interactive digital experiences

VP Purchasing Officer Email Lists

When we talk about engagement, we must immediately think about. How to captivate the user , giving an added value to the interaction. That really makes him feel committed to the brand and happy for his relationship with it.

And that is when interactive content comes into play , as it is capable. Of capturing the user, stimulating interaction and generating. Mentions, positively impacting the business process.

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