The evolution of digital marketing is a recurring. Theme in the world of marketing and advertising, it is common for innovative strategies to be created, or for new functions or tools to emerge on the market, so it is important that agencies and brands are up to date. As much of any change. The foregoing becomes relevant if one considers that in 2016 investment in digital advertising will grow to 197 thousand 480 million dollars, according to estimates by the research firm emarketer. In addition, analysts predict that in 2017 it will Cape Verde B2B List exceed television advertising.

 Continues to consolidate as a fundamental

Continues to consolidate as a fundamental. Factor in the content marketing and digital marketing. Cape Verde B2B List Agenda of any commercial firm that aspires. To reinforce its engagement facebook 1,500 million users. Instagram more than 400 million twitter 320 million. And snapchat more than 100 among others. Like youtube are scenarios of great opportunity. For advertising and marketing in this context we share 5 tools that. Cape Verde B2B List Will be of great help in the remainder of 2016.

Cape Verde B2B List

Facebook messenger this app is not new at all

Facebook messenger this app is not new at all. but the applications that mark zuckerberg’s social network. Is providing for the business world are recent. The novelties are the messenger. Codes to open a communication between a user. And a brand messenger greetings are ‘customizable. Notes that appear in messages before they are sent; messenger links so users can start conversations with brands. 2.Audience. It is a tool that helps manage accounts and do marketing. Cape Verde B2B List on twitter.

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