Now that you know that it will always be better to focus all your efforts on your own channels such as your website or your blog , you must make sure that you are visible on the Internet.

In a scenario where the first result of a search takes 31.7% of the clicks, it is not enough to index in Google , you must work to position it in the first places of the SERP!

To achieve these results, SEO will be your best ally.

You can start performing an SEO audit to determine the health of your digital assets. From the results, start the On Page and Off Page optimizations of your page, without neglecting the technical SEO aspects .

The possibilities of search engine optimization are enormous.

For example: if you have a physical store, you can work on your local SEO and let your customers come to you when they find you on Google Maps pages .

Or, why not take advantage of the Canadian CTO CIO Email Lists e-commerce boom and create your own virtual store ?

Even with all this, there are still several techniques that can help you conquer Google’s coveted zero position , represented by featured snippets.

It is worth remembering that your organic positioning is the result of all the actions that we have previously proposed:

WPO optimizations,
the frequency of your blog posts,
and quality content.
seo guide
7. Work on your corporate identity
Associating your brand with a series of values ​​in the minds of your consumers is the task of corporate identity.

According to the Golden Circle theory,

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People don’t buy your product because it’s the “best” on the market. You can make your customers fall in love by sharing your company culture and how you are making the world a better place.

All this can be achieved with the construction of a digital branding strategy , a strategic management in digital media that turns your brand into a relevant and sustainable concept over time.

This goes way beyond choosing a color palette and putting your logo on all of your posts. You must structure a coherent narrative that can be replicated in all your channels, content and digital platforms.

The essence of your brand strengthens your digital presence!

8. Monitor changes in your digital presence
Finally, any Digital Marketing strategy must monitor certain metrics that allow determining if the objectives are being met. Of course, with the digital presence it can not be different.

With tools like Google Analytics you can track some of these metrics.

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