Investment in digital. advertising has an upward projection and. it is a symptom that shows us that the digital. consumer is multiplying and the online. market experience is growing The growth of this market. raises in marketing the need. to be in tune with the trends that are matched. Hong Kong B2B List Bby the need forstrategies. that help adapt to new consumption formats.

To achieve this performance the work that marketers

To achieve this performance the work that marketers. Find in being able to count on knowledge from .Experiences that are told in the industry. Hong Kong B2B List Where the norm is leading strategists to. Find ways to attract more investment, as a resource. That helps to achieve this performance is key. Enhance creativity or ensure that it can be. Communicated not through a greater. Number of channels but through resources that. Allow an increase in the return on investment. The estimated investment in digital advertising for. 2016 alone is 170.65 billion dollars. Hong Kong B2B List According to a projection by and campaign asia.

In the midst of this commitment there are seven

Hong Kong B2B List

In the midst of this commitment there are seven. Keys that can help take the pulse of investment in digital advertising that can help us with our strategy. 1. Global digital ad spend could reach $191.85 billion in 2017, according to an estimate by magnaglobal and campaign asia. 2. In markets such as the united states, the advertising that obtained the highest percentage of investment was mobile, with 35 percent, while search engines reached an investment of 34 percent, according to pwc and iab. 3. By 2020, the investment expected to reach Hong Kong B2B List advertising through the internet is 260.36 billion dollars, according .

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