Common furniture items can be overlaid with the customer s actual space. So they could actually imagine what it would look like. If you can see how well a leather chair fits into your living room. Shows that customers will be more confident in making a purchase decision. and less likely to return the product LIVESTREAM SHOPPING livestream shopping Live streaming shopping is a combination of social commerce and live streaming. by using influencers and brands in live broadcasts to highlight products and services. during the broadcast Through chat boxes consumers can interact with each other and brands and purchase highlighte products.

Certain Types Of Consumers Can Be Very Difficult

This experience is similar to shopping in a store with the store clerk answering your questions. But now we can do it from your home. Live streame e commerce shopping is extremely popular in China and is taking off in the Unite States. In the . Global Shopping Festival report reveale that live streame sales toppe $ billion. times last year s event sales Research Bahrain Phone Numbers preicts that by live streaming commerce in China will reach US$ billion accounting for % of total online sales. Therefore we should not miss these interesting opportunities. How does Livestream Shopping help your business Live streaming shopping is interactive in nature. when consumers are unable to shop at the storefront or there is no store location nearby Going live will be a product introduction for them.

Bahrain Phone Numbers

Potential Buyers Also Have Less Immeiate Access

The chat component allows them to ask questions to influencers or brands. Just as they aske questions to the store staff. So you have to interact with consumers. This leads to a shopping experience that is closer and closer to reality. Examples of brands that Buy Email List do Livestream shopping Dermalogica fb livestream Skincare brand Dermalogica uses Facebook Live shopping to demonstrate their products. and answering customer questions about the product and its use in summer skin care topics. conversational commerce Conversational Commerce is about selling products and services to customers through a chat or messaging platform. Imagine having a conversation with a brand on Facebook Messenger.

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