Grow your own facebook group to create brand advocates ever since facebook changed its algorithms and limited the organic reach of facebook pages. Marketers have started focusing more on starting and growing their own facebook groups. According to the recently released facebook community updates. Saudi Arabia phone number More than  billion people are now using facebook groups every month. Grow-your-own-facebook-group-to-create-brand-advocates-for-fall-in-love-with-your-blog this approach has several advantages. You can create a facebook group and use it to position yourself as an expert. 

You have complete control over the content and discussions in the group. There’s no limit on the organic reach of your posts – all group members see them. You get a much better opportunity to directly engage with your readers. Answer their questions and convert them into loyal followers. But above all. Saudi Arabia phone number A facebook group is a great place to build a tribe of raving fans for your brand. They’re the brand advocates who will spread the word about your content and bring in more people to your facebook group and blog. According to research. More than  of americans seek recommendations from friends and family when making a purchase. Making referrals and word of mouth one of the most influential forms of marketing.

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 Grow-your-own-facebook-group-to-create-brand-advocates–for-fall-in-love-with-your-blog the referral traffic generated from your facebook group already considers you an expert so there’s a much higher probability of them taking action after reading your blog content. You should also make a Saudi Arabia phone number conscious effort to promote your facebook group on your blog. This will allow you to route the visitors coming from search engines to your group and engage them more regularly. And. Of course. A thriving facebook group adds to the social proof of your brand (which I mentioned earlier in the post). Managing a facebook group requires time and effort so you’d need to use different social media automation tools to minimize manual work as much as possible. 

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Wrapping up with so many new blogs popping up on the web every day. Your target users are already overwhelmed with the content that’s being thrown at them from every angle. To stand any chance of catching their eyeballs. You need to convert your blog into a strong brand that not only contains supreme  Saudi Arabia phone number quality content. But also looks pleasing to the eye and is backed by tons of social proof. That’s the only way to stand out in this overcrowded blogosphere. Guest author: jawad khan is a content marketing consultant. A certified inbound marketer and a freelance blogger for hire. 

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You can follow him on his blog. Writingmydestiny and twitter.You’ve probably noticed a massive shift in the online world from text-based content to visual content. There’s no denying the power that visuals have on the internet. As well as in our everyday lives. Youtube and instagram dominate the visual landscape. Saudi Arabia phone number With youtube the rd most visited site on the web and instagram boasting about  million photos shared everyday. Blog posts and articles are  more “consumable” when they have a colorful image. Header. Or thumbnail. And people will only spend about  seconds on a website if a visual doesn’t catch their attention first. And infographics. The favorite among audiences and marketers alike. Have been searched for  more today than in .


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