A study conducted by professors nathaniel j. Evans and bart wojdynski discovered how it is that you and 60 percent of readers of online content do not realize that at some point they have consumed advertising. A study conducted at the university of georgia demonstrated the inability of readers of news published on digital platforms to differentiate when it comes to advertising content and journalistic content. The research “Going native: effects of disclosure position and language on the recognition and evaluation of online native advertising” , applied two experiments that used informative notes VP R&D Email Lists published on websites.

In these publications they analyzed the language

In these publications they analyzed the language. And the position in which the content related. VP R&D Email Lists Recognized if it was sponsored content. The first two pieces of information that explain. Why you have read advertising without realizing. It-results of the first study: only 17 of 242 readers. Recognized that what they read. Was advertising -results of the second study. 17 percent of the readers who participated in the. Study realized that it was advertising. What this study proves is that the trend. That is gaining the most strength today is not very transparent. VP R&D Email Lists Native advertising.

This is added to concepts such as sponsored

VP R&D Email Lists

This is added to concepts such as sponsored.  To the style of the editorial text of the web content. In question in order not to alter the user. Experience 4 concepts that emerged before. Native advertising advertising flickr. User boofalo blues posted this image in 2009 pointing. To an article promoting the sale of a michael. Jackson concert when the article reported that. He had died. Image flickr flickr user boofalo blues. Posted this image in 2009 pointing to an article promoting. The sale of a michael jackson concert. Vp r&d email lists when the article reported that he had died.

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