At Impulse we have the purpose of transforming brands so that they generate positive changes in the lives of their consumers. For this reason, we create these collaborative learning spaces that are intended to generate ideas and encourage discussion around various topics related to marketing, sales, and technology. And precisely with this in mind, in March we launched our ROI mindset with which we seek to redefine the way to increase revenue exponentially through a real, optimal and intelligent strategy.

In this way, companies will be able to grow by implementing a strategy based on the reality of their clients, on the needs of the user, on data and on continuous experimentation. Those who participate in Growth Talks have the opportunity to hear from other industry leaders who are hard at work growing their companies. In addition, they are exposed to new ideas that will allow them to establish action plans so that their teams can adopt new ways of working , as well as being able to identify new trends that include content as a key ingredient in business strategies.

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Do you think it is time to put into Chile phone numbers that have given results to large and small companies in Peru and the world? Schedule a free smart growth session and allow our consultants to evaluate your business in 60 minutes and provide you with the first steps to achieve the desired growth. We invite you to schedule the free session here .How to define my ideal client? These 4 steps will help you! Is knowing how to define my ideal client the first step of an Inbound strategy? The answer is yes. We tell you how to do it and get results.

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Founder – CEO If you want to fall in love with someone you have to meet that person first, right? The same thing happens in the sales area. It is useless to design a strategy without knowing who we are going to sell our product or service to. That is why it is so important to ask yourself how to define my ideal client? The reality is that online competition is at an all time high. With the cost per click on Google Ads rising or competition from SEO and Facebook ads, you need to have a solid strategy. So that? to convert traffic into actual leads, customers, and revenue.

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If you don’t, you will end and your competitors ahead. The usual way to solve this problem is to go head-on with the people most likely to buy our products and services. But since we are not here to do the usual.  However, i want to tell you that if you want to reach 97% of the market, you have to know your dream buyer intimately. With these 4 simple steps you will be able to identify it, and obtain the correct insights to create your Inbound Marketing strategy . Ideal customer profile example Step 1: Identify who your customer is For the development of this first part you need to collect very basic data from your buyer personas .

Such as: names, age, gender, place of residence, etc. Therefore, this you can carry out anonymous surveys or forms by Google Forms. Step 2: define the motivations of your buyer person In this second stage you must investigate the objectives and goals of the clients. There are countless questions you can ask such as: what is your greatest wish? What are your goals for the next year? What makes you happy? An extremely interesting fact was that, with the arrival of the pandemic, the habits of many people changed drastically.

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