If until a few decades ago customer loyalty was. Based on the face-to-face relationship with them. In the digital age closeness can be achieved through. Interactions on social networks, where users who. Feel listened to by brands can be the most faithful. Ambassadors when it comes to attracting potential. Customers if until a few decades ago customer. Loyalty was based on the face-to-face relationship. With them in the digital age closeness can be achieved. Through interactions on social networks where. Zambia B2B List Users who feel listened to by brands.

Can be the most faithful ambassadors when

Can be the most faithful ambassadors when. It comes to attracting potential customers. To establish a close relationship with consumers. Zambia B2B List It is essential that companies carry out active. Listening since by learning about their target. Audience and the opinions they have they. Will have more accurate knowledge about. For example the best time to publish a message. Or respond to a consumer’s request in addition. To making it possible to quickly and effectively. Manage risks and crisis situations or detect. Zambia B2B List New needs and business opportunities.

Active listening should not be limited only

Zambia B2B List

Active listening should not be limited only. To the giants facebook and twitter since although. These two social networks are the ones in which. Users express the most opinions there. Are many other platforms where they can. markedly,Express what they think about brands. , many times without mentioning them directly. But given the infinite number of messages. That are generated every. Day in each of these social channels how can we be aware. Of everything that interests our business. Zambia B2B List Says beatriz zabalegui marketing director of iadvice.

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