Setting these parameters to your web pages will help your pages stand out. In google and improve your ctr ( click through rate ).

This code inserted in the html , which works as a vocabulary of tags. Allows google to understand what the user will find on the site and. Therefore, to give it a good position if it values ​​it as relevant.

In addition, the pages that have a schema markup code incorporated. Into the content appear prominently in the google ranking, based. On the rich snippets they generate. There are many types and we will now show you the price one, which is ideal for e-commerce websites.

Carry out local SEO actions

From a financial point of view, local seo is a highly profitable set of actions. Since it attracts nearby consumers, who are much more likely to buy when they value proximity.

Among the things you need to do to President Email Lists take advantage of local business opportunities. Is manage your online presence on google with google my business .

In this way you will be much more visible to potential customers in. The area where your company is located, appearing on google maps with your offers.

Get brand mentions, external links and reviews

President Email Lists

If you tell google that your site is authoritative and relevant, the lord of the search engines will listen to you.

But, if others say that your website and its pages and content really. Are of quality and respond to user concerns, the message to google. Is even more powerful, and its algorithms could give you a privileged position.

In fact, the number and quality of backlinks a website receives is one of. The main factors that google takes into account in determining. Who will be at the top of its rankings.

For that reason, focus on getting links from external pages, as well as mentions of your brand in general .

It is also very important that you get your customers and users. To review and analyze your content and products or services. This, in addition to promoting positioning. Conveys confidence to new and potential buyers .

Take this example from audiomusica benavides, a musical instrument. Store in lima, which has an average evaluation of 4.5 in 445 comments. With the maximum rating being 5. It is excellent. For encouraging others to see it as a benchmark of quality!

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