The specifie price.Add Friends Adding friends In the LINE Official Account platform there is a feature to add friends. which we will be able to see how many friends there are in each account of the brand And this feature is also very useful for businesses. Because brands can send news and advertisements to customers who add friends directly through the Broadcast system. For the value use to measure adding friends CPF stands for Cost Per Friend which will only pay for advertising when customers add your friends in LINE OA only. Number of video views It measures the cost per video ad view.

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This is broken down into how long the video was watche versus the % viewe. Those numbers can tell the quality of an ad versus how intereste a customer is with a product. The number of conversions on the website Website conversion is website conversion measurement.Web conversion measurement on website requires the installation of LINE Paraguay Phone Number Tag. There are two types of website conversion measurement code conversion measurement and custom conversion measurement. Measurement using conversion code The conversion code nees to be installe in the conversion location. When a user clicks on an ad displaye on the LINE Ads.

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Platform and visits a website where the conversion code is installe the LINE Tag is triggere and the number of conversions counte. The system will check the cookie information of the user who visits the website whether they clicke on the advertisement Buy Email List or not. If an ad is clicke during the measurement period Code conversions last for days are counte as conversion values. Measuring with custom conversions Suitable for the following cases want to install the conversion code in a different location than the conversion location Want to measure conversions with custom URLs or events Nee the flexibility to adjust the duration.

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