Of the biases and prejudices that we have as a society towards women and work to break them down and banish myths. And above all, empower women so that we do not discriminate against ourselves thinking that science and technology are not for us we use into the or that a professional career is exclusive of a full family life. One of the reasons why I choose to work at Salesforce is because it gives me the space to dedicate part of my time to all those things and give my work a different meaning.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my experience in the hope that it will inspire other women. Therefore, we are responsible for integrating all the devices and system applications Salesforce ecosystem with the goal of driving world-class experiences for all of our employees. Srinivas: As IT has morphed into Business Technology, we’ve found that the role’s ambitions have risen dramatically. These days, we can say that about 30% of my team’s time is spent addressing the usual demands and the remaining 70% is spent in the process of conceiving and creating .

New Tools That Will Enable

Us to equip ourselves for the needs of the Iran phone number future or They will help us identify challenges before they become real problems. Venktesh: Obviously, because we are a cloud-based organization, our impact in terms of infrastructure is minimal; Effectively, this means there are fewer core tasks that require our attention . So time can be more productively spent discovering ways to address . Business problems, streamline the process and, of course, reduce costs. (which everyone loves!). The most important aspect of this.  However, is that we can work more closely with business departments across Salesforce on resolving and developing .

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The architecture to support the organization as it grows and scales, and leverage the capacity of MuleSoft, so that we can connect all those systems with an API-based approach. Srinivas: Which, in a way, brings us back to the technical debt aspect that I mentioned earlier, which is a high priority for us, as it is an organization-wide issue. For example, Venktesh, all the work you’re doing on developing new systems through MuleSoft requires capacity in the system. It is really essential that the internal system can support that growth. So 70% of our time spent on innovating is largely focused on that aspect of the business, to create room to build more functionality into the system while ensuring there is always enough capacity to take .

Advantage Of Improved Technology

And adapt quickly as business demands change based on circumstances. Venktesh: I think you’re right. That ability to change and adapt, so you can practically predict what’s needed . And innovate to meet challenges is central to how both teams work. For example, we use a HR system. H H. Workday and we realized that the employee information it contains . Was also necessary for the financial aspect of the company. We have now integrated the two systems to work effectively as one . Which means that both RR. H H.

Such as Finance can see the data in real time in both systems. Like much of the innovation we developed.  That was the result of a two-week deadline .Which is designed to deliver tangible work at the end; ThusSales: a universe full of its own terms and definitions.  Which changes to the rhythm of the evolution of the fourth industrial revolution . For professionals who are immersed in this world, it is essential to follow and. Know each of these concepts to apply them in the business. With that in mind, we’ve put together the main sales terms below in a glossary .  That you can refer to whenever you need to. Learn more! acquisition.

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