There is an online course. where you can sit and study. Every Steps to sell on the Shopee platform CHECKLIST OF THINGS TO PREPARE BEFORE OPENING A SHOP ON SHOPEE Shop name you want to use in Shopee logo image. The number you want to use to create a merchant account. Amount of stock per color per design Bank. Passbook page to transfer money from Shopee to our account. Beautiful product images that can be seen clearly. From many angles or if the product has many. Options such as colors and sizes there must be individual images as well.

More Specific Step Find Out About Your Competitors.

Product name Keyword of the product because it will help in the matter. Description or product description The size of the package box for delivery width x length height The weight of the product including packaging WHAT ARE THE COSTS OF SELLING ON SHOPEE Selling items on Shopee is free of charge. But there will be a fee. or Payment Kenya Phone Number Transaction Fee. Payment Transaction Fee is a service fee charge to Sellers when a Buyer purchases an item through Shopee. Successful orders only or already sold to pay this cost. This will be % of the total amount of the order plus shipping costs paid by the buyer. which is effective from November onwards I WANT TO JOIN THE CAMPAIGN WITH SHOPEE. WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO If you want to join a popular campaign.

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Doing Keyword Research On Google About Your Brand

Shopee you can follow the following steps. There is a minimum order amount. Suitable for in store product prices and participating campaigns. The discount is % *It is paid by the store. The maximum discount is not less than % of the average price. or not less than Minimum Purchase x Discount % The number of codes that the store can give to Buy Email List customers is codes. The code must be valid for all products in the store. code retention date should be selecte within the campaign period specifie by the system Unable to pre select the time to collect the code Once decide to join the campaign it cannot be cancele. Starting a business on the platform on Shopee is not as difficult as you think right At the beginning there will be a team of Shopee who will open the store and give advice to each store.

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