onverting is all about numbers, right? well, then it is good to specify immediately that 99% of users do not buy on the first visit. in Italy the conversion rate is between 1% -3% ( casaleggio associates ). The cart abandonment rate is 69%. The average dropout rate in Europe is lower than in other countries. APPs convert better than other devices, + 120% compared to mobile browsing if we put it this way, is abandonment really a terrible thing? users need time to buy.

How to Structure Email Marketing Campaigns

abandonment is part of the customer journey. it is therefore necessary to change your point of view and activate specific campaigns for this purpose such as email triggered, remarketing dropout rates are all users who leave the same? People who quit are 2.6 times more likely to buy. Rethinking the approach to abandonment is essential how long do Jordan Phone Number users need? The first 12 hours represent the greatest opportunity to get them back to Convert abandonment 3 Why do they need time and don’t buy right away? motivation for abandoning the shopping cart there are several reasons why not everyone buys right away most are related to the price, but others are related to the

So What Can We Do

Jordan Phone Number List
Jordan Phone Number List

UX or they wanted to buy but didn’t succeed or we made it too difficult reasons for abandoning the shopping cart Is There a Correlation Between Shopping Cart Value and Abandonment? Lower carts have higher abandonment rates! Could we think of Free Shipping? abandonment 4 At the UX level where are the main problems? The fields are complex and non-explanatory and errors are often generated. For example, 80% of sites do not allow the use of spaces in the card number. 86% of the sites do not clearly specify the type and place of the error. 62% of the sites do not choose the right interface for the management of fields and sub-exchanges how much do remarketing campaigns help? Remarketing has a + 18% recovery rate which increases by 30% if the content is dynamic how to structure email marketing campaigns? so what can we do? change the abandoned cart approach!

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