Your story might be the reluctant hero. A memoir of loss and redemption or maybe a tale of ascension. From rags to riches. The reality I have discovered after decades of dead ends. Soaring Kenya Phone Number  success and heart breaking failures is that you need to write your own story. Create your own legacy. Chasing the money without the support of “your” story often leads to no money. I know…been there. Business is your chapter revealed. It’s not about the money. The money is just the consequence of what impact you create. How much you change people’s lives.  much value you reveal in your story.  much value you empower . 

It is about your story adding value that transforms. The greater the value……the larger the legacy. That is why dreaming big and having a vision that is empowering is worth articulating. Kenya Phone Number  Distilling and striving for. It’s your point of difference this is what makes your business unique. The story. It is no one else’s…it is yours alone. People can argue with the facts but they can’t argue about your story. Michael gerber’s book “beyond the e-myth” is an insight into a truth. At the age of eighty he has admitted to writing his last book after realizing that the cold hard process driven business models he had mapped out for millions of people had a soul. 

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A story. Business is not just about money. Process and spread sheets but the human story revealed in an entrepreneurial imprint. Of footsteps that are human. I looked at my life and I realized that today the intersection of my experience. Expertise and passion is now my story and that is where true Kenya phone number abundance lies. It is what I share and it is my business. What is really exciting about that is that every story is unique because it’s. Your” story and no one else’s. The distillation of your story and its movement from idea to reality will not come from thinking but by creating.

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When you sit down and take a deeper look behind any business or entrepreneurial pursuit. It is all about their tale. A small idea can become a big story on a snowy paris evening in  the Kenya Phone Number  founders of uber (travis kalanick and garrett camp) couldn’t get a cab. So they came up with a simple idea. A mobile app. Garret camp was the founder of stumbleupon. This was an idea and the intersection that took his expertise. Experience and passion for solving a problem. 

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The solution? Tap a button. Get a ride. That’s their story. You have to find your own. You need to share your story I have had many business ideas. More than I care to count. But I have come to realise that the idea needs to be manifest. The story needs to be revealed for anything to happen. But many of us on the Kenya Phone Number  sidelines are afraid to start. What if I am wrong? if they laugh at me. What will my friends or parents think? So we need to step up. To start. That means being willing to take that idea to the world. Authors need to take their private creations public. To say

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