she has carried out research in Italy and in the United States on issues related to identity policies and migratory phenomena. For six years you have been involved in research in the educational and didactic fields, but also in teacher training. On you can find more information about her courses. In addition to being a trainer, she is a member of the Board of Directors of the Rinascimente Educators Association and of the Ethno- Anthropological Research Center: in his training and laboratory activities he combines the anthropological aspect with the pedagogical one, enhancing the “didactics of doing” and the development of skills, in particular those of active citizenship. He also followed research and training courses on the theme of gender equal opportunities. In recent years she has developed a passion for communication and web-marketing, following graphics and crowdfunding campaigns.

Qualitative Research Has Always Been Very Exploited

What is anthropological marketing anthropological marketing Anthropological Marketing is the science that studies and analyzes the needs, desires and needs of individuals , placing itself in the context in which people live and act in order to satisfy the consumer. Linda Armano is one of the researchers who combined these two very different Luxembourg Phone Number disciplines. Anthropological Marketing is an interdisciplinary approach, between marketing and anthropology, which uses strategies and techniques that combine qualitative research with the study of the market, in order to better understand the consumer from a cultural point of view. According to anthropological marketing, in fact, culture has a greater influence than psychology, or rather, one influences the other.

Experience Is Moving to Much Higher

We all know that a brand or a product conveys values ​​to us. And we like that brand or product as much as we like the status symbol that we are going to represent if we bond with them. Since when did anthropology start to be important for marketing ?

Luxembourg Phone Number List
Luxembourg Phone Number List

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