Where the magic happens. The habit of making the time for doing work that matters is something I discover over seven years ago. I discover on reading the book that it was something. I had been do but by a different name. The reality is that it was a habit I form. I wrote about this in this post. “this one  Namibia Phone Number  habit transformed my life” this book discusses and distils the practice of building a legacy and making a difference. Worth a read if you are into creating someth of consequence or succeed in a world. That is sometimes seen through the lens. And distractions of a shallow and social web. 

Therefore, Amazon-deep-work image source: amazon . Beyond the e-myth full title: “beyond the e-myth:  the evolution of an enterprise: from a company of one to a company of .“ michael gerber is a household name to many baby boomer business owners. His original book “the e-myth: why most small Namibia Phone Number  businesses don’t work. And what to do about it” that was publish in  was a best seller that tapp into the vital and often overlook distinction. Between working on your business and working in your business. This book is maybe his last (and shortest) as he is now in his eighties. 

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But this one goes beyond his initial message. Of buildg a business that can scale and be sold. That is…..”your business is your story”. So read it for two revelations. One is the soul of the business and the other is the science need for growing your business from the garage to a world beating organisation. Beyond-e-myth-amazon image source: amazon . Platform revolution full title: “platform revolution: how networked markets are Namibia phone number transforming the economy–and how to make them work for you“ business models built on the industrial revolution still work but they are crumbling at the edges. Sangeet choudary. Marshall van alstyne and geoffrey parker collaborated on this book that is the best distillation of the modern digital business world I have read. They reveal why businesses can scale so fast on the global web. 

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They look into the secrets behind the uber’s. Airbnb’s and the other unicorns that have burst through the billion dollar valuation ceiling. In other words, The framework is is built upon this one Namibia Phone Number  premise “the goal of the new business platforms. Is to enable interactions between consumers and producers”. This is achiev at a conceptual level with three stacks. Network. Marketplace and community layer technology infrastructure data and how that can be appli to the evolution of the business model. It is a great read that will help you get more clarity on the future of business. 

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Platform-revolution-amazon image source: amazon . Published full title: “published:  the proven path from blank page to published author” chandler bolt of self-publishingschool  is a Namibia Phone Number  bundle of driven energy. Some may call him a force of nature. His story is one of discovery and a personal tragedy that lit a fire. This book reveals his path to finding out how to make money from writing. His process and some marketing tactics that you may not have heard of. A quote from robert kiyosaki that chandler shares inside its covers.

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