Date See that in that month. What are the important days? To plan a scheule for content, create engagement to keep the brand always in trend. Data Look at the information of people who come to engage with the page on which days and times when people visit the content on the page the most in order to plan the content scheule to suit the behavior of the target group. feature articles Social Meia Update Marketing Trends on Each Platform in 2022 7 Easy Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Ads How Professional YouTubers Make YouTube Video Intros That Get Big Views Including examples and guidelines for making advertisements on TikTok to be popular WHAT IS THE SECRET TO SCHeULING SOCIAL MeIA CONTENT.

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Solve the problem of Brand and Benefits to determine who our brand has Benefits suitable for. And at what time , then place the date, time and content accordingly To arouse interest from consumers, for example, Pizza Company should post content to stimulate interest during the time before noon. or around 6 pm when everyone is thinking about Greece Phone Number what to eat today Or on Friday evenings when many people want to eat and drink with friends. WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO SOMEONE WHO HAS JUST STARTe MAKING CONTENT? Watch a lot of content, watch a variety of content, study both good cases and dramatic cases. Don’t forget the insight and attitude of the target audience about what’s in and what’s out in order to develop content writing that will catch.

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Your eye and have your own style.At present, advertising through various channels It is an important part of online marketing. Which is one of the most popular platforms that everyone must have been through training and experimenting, probably Buy Email List not through the Facebook channel, of course, from trial and error, must have lost a lot of money So today on Talka we have a special interview from Mr. Benz, Senior Ad Operations Specialist of Talka, in which we will talk about the topic “Do’s & Don’ts in doing Facebook Ads if you don’t want to pay for free”. Some of them follow along.

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