Despite not attending 24 hours a day, you can request support at any time. Since the platform creates a ticket so that you can get an answer. As soon as possible, within a maximum period of two days. At the times mentioned, either regarding questions or problems. Of infrastructure.

The maximum response time is 24 hours, in this way, you will not. Stay more than one business day without receiving our support.

In addition, the attention is of a technical level, this means. That it is aimed at providing you with the solution of your problem in. That interval, instead of simply sending a message that says “We are. Verifying the problem, we will contact you when we have solved it” .

How does site migration for Rock Stage work?

To finish, we bring a recurring question from those who are looking for Rock Stage: How to Hospital Mailing Lists migrate a website that already exists to the platform?

There are several advantages of having your website within the Stage platform, as our success stories show.

The main ones are related to security and also to performance so that your website is faster and has greater opportunities to increase its visibility in Google .

Websites that are not built on WordPress cannot be migrated. After all, the CMS used can have different functions than what we find in WordPress, which can hinder the usability of the website or the user experience.

Therefore, in cases like this,

Hospital Mailing Lists

We recommend that a developer (who can even be directed by rock stage. If necessary) make that change from cms to wordpress first. Once it is finished, the website can be migrated to stage.

On the other hand, the migration of wordpress sites can. Be done in a very simple way by a rock stage consultant. Who will recommend the most appropriate plan to migrate your website.

Now that you know how rock stage wordpress support works. How about talking to us so we can explain how we can help. Your website achieve the specific results you want to achieve?

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