The current technological development allows innovation within any sector thought.  This is partly due to a recent acceleration in the search to solve the problems that physical barriers pose, all as a result of the ravages generated by the current pandemic and the forced social distancing, which is why all social, commercial and production areas have had to start to adapt to a new dual reality between the digital and the physical.Such is the chaos of real estate marketing and the integration of augmented reality (ar) and virtual reality (vr). Counting with both,

It Means Taking the Integration of a Digital World to

It means taking the integration of a digital world to a higher level. Since it has hyper-augmented physical aspects. Real estate marketing this sector of commerce has presented several ups and downs. Due to the fact that it sometimes finds the need cayman islands email aLista de  for physical contact for its development as a limitation. However as an illustration. The integration of these technologies will allow better performance and dominance. Within the market, since according to data provided by goldman sach.

Greater Than 2.6 Billions of Dollars. One of the Main

cayman islands email aLista de

Greater than 2.6 billions of dollars. One of the main advantages for which the sector has begun to invest in the integration of this technology is due in part to virtual tours. In addition to this weighty aspect for the comfort and improvement of the user experience in virtual tours, the integration of these technologies will allow interaction within the space, so that users will be able to know first-hand an almost exact idea of ​​how you feel the space, its measurements and dimensions; however, being a digital device, it allows obtaining various data.


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