In addition, Management in modern society has become vital and indispensable. In a society of organizations the quality of life and for solving the most complex problems can be manipulated through some style of leadership and communication. The first studies of human motivation (Field theory and inventory developed. In addition, the pioneering experiences on leadership and its results, in terms of the performance of subordinates, showed the excellence of democratic leadership. that afflict people. humanity today. In addition, The scientific management founded by Taylor and his followers. They contribute to the first attempt of the theory of management.

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In addition, The concern to create a science of administration began as the concrete and. Immediate experience of the workers’ work and with an emphasis on tasks. In addition, In the first period of his work, Taylor addressed himself exclusively Afghanistan Phone Number to the rationalization of the work of the operators, extending in the second in the second period to the definition of the principles of administration applicable to all the institutions of the companies. The rational organization of work is based on the analysis of operational work, on the study of. Times and movements, on the fragmentation of tasks and on the specialization of the worker.

Like Any Current of Inflexible Opposition

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In addition, The aim is to eliminate waste, operator idleness and reduce production costs. In addition, The only way to obtain the collaboration of the operators was obtained by appealing to salary incentive plans and production prizes, based on time-pattern (efficiency = 100%) and on the conviction that salary constitutes the only source of motivation for Buy Email List the worker (economic man). The design of the position and the task emphasize the simple and repetitive work of the production and assembly lines. The standardization and the working conditions that ensure efficiency. I verify that there was no progress rationalizing the work of the operator. If the supervisor, the boss, the manager, or the director continued to work within the same previous empiricism.

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