An anchor text is the text that appears South Korea Phone Number on a link. Google used this to determine the subject of a webpage. This allowed you to make a website score better for a certain search term. For example, if you wanted your website to rank well in Google for the term. ‘Online marketing Amsterdam’, you had to create as many. South Korea Phone Number links as possible with the anchor text ‘online marketing Amsterdam’. Males holding signs, search Google wasn’t happy about this, of course. Links that are only created to rank South Korea Phone Number. Better in Google are not a recommendation for a website, but a marketing ploy.

Search Market South Korea Phone Number

Because of this, websites and web pages South Korea Phone Number. Often appeared at the top of Google, which did not mean the best result for the Google user. Of course, we had to wait for Google to come up with an answer: in 2012 the South Korea Phone Number Penguin update was there. Google Penguin: Not all links are valuable This update shook the online marketing world. Google had succeeded in better distinguishing South Korea Phone Number between links intended as a recommendation and links created solely for online marketing purposes. Google stopped assigning a value to the site to which the link pointed.

South Korea Phone Number
South Korea Phone Number

The Basics South Korea Phone Number

But it went even further: if a website had South Korea Phone Number too many spammy links or too many links with the anchor text optimized, this website could even receive a Google penalty , making a website almost impossible to find. In South Korea Phone Number addition, it was also a penalty to reverse this penalty. Google-Penguin Linkbuilding in 2015 A good link building strategy in 2015 does not focus on the quantity, but quality of links. A link deemed valuable by Google has a positive effect on the search engine results of the South Korea Phone Number webpage and site to which the link points. If you want to do link building, it’s best to stick to Google’s guidelines .

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