This information is record and UAE Phone Number process immediately. RankBrain in action To test the intelligence of the system. Google ran an experiment in which it pitte RankBrain against some of their search engineers. They present the engineers, who work daily on the development of algorithms, with a number of UAE Phone Number pages to peruse. They were then ask which of the pages appear at the top of the search results. The human team guess correctly in 70 percent of the cases. RankBrain beat them UAE Phone Number with 80 percent correct predictions. Google search with RankBrain.

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Before and after Suppose you UAE Phone Number search for: ‘electric device to hang a picture in a wall ‘. Everyone will understand that you are looking for a drill. Google still has a bit of trouble with this. google_pageranking Google now only shows pages where the words, be it separately or partially, appear on a page. The websites shown UAE Phone Number all relate to odd jobs and DIY companies. There is no drilling machine on the first page of search results. The intention is that RankBrain itself understands that you would UAE Phone Number like to see drilling machines in the search results. And that’s going to happen.

UAE Phone Number
UAE Phone Number

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The combinations of words such UAE Phone Number as hole and drill or electrical appliance and drill will encounter and register the system on several pages. And if someone takes a long look at pages of drills after the search for “hang a painting”, RankBrain will remember that. Also read: Google’s algorithm on the UAE Phone Number shovel: ‘biggest improvements ever’ It’s not clear how many searches RankBrain has been use for since its launch this summer. But given the promising prospects that Google outlines, it won’t UAE Phone Number be long before the effect of RankBrain is widely visible. What are the implications of RankBrain for SEO? Actually not very much.

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