The franchise seeks to raise awareness among its clients so that they “Are not complicit” in racism. The ice cream chain ben & jerry’s launched the #blacklivesmatter campaign to raise awareness among its customers so that they “Are not complicit” in racism and with which they condemn police brutality against african-american citizens. The us firm points out that the first step to overcome racism and systemic injustice in the united states “Is simply to understand and admit that there is a problem.” since 2010, 22 cases of Venezuela B2B List police brutality against black americans have been known.

Among the most notorious cases were trayvon young

Among the most notorious cases were trayvon young. Man from florida murdered by a security guard. Michael brown, a teenager from ferguson. Venezuela B2B List Missouri who died at the hands of a white police. Officer and raynnette turner. A woman who lost her life in a new york jail. While in police custody. “we understand that many black and. White americans have had different experiences. And outcomes with the police and the justice system. However we cannot deny that when we review the lists. Of attacks by white police officers against black. Venezuela b2b list citizens, they grow and grow.

Venezuela B2B List

Black youth were nine times more likely to attacked

Black youth were nine times more likely to attacked. By a police officer than any other american group according to the british newspaper the guardian . The attacks, between 15 and 34 years old. Are 2% of the country’s population. But represent more than 15% of all deaths. Caused by the authorities that were registered. The newspaper added. Ben & jerry’s strategy is to name. An ice cream flavor that shows how important black americans are. Social media users have collaborated on flavors. Like rhythm venezuela b2b list blueberry. All chocolate matters, and I have a dream peach.

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