So I think it’s pretty funny that this Greece Phone Number happened. The fact that the term “nigger house” leads to the White House is less funny to me for understandable reasons. From my role as SEO consultant, I find this all extremely Greece Phone Number interesting. Google’s algorithm works That these references arise shows that Google’s algorithm works. Google searches the internet and wants to understand the content and Greece Phone Number context. That’s why Google tries to link certain themes together.

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For example: because there is a lot of content Greece Phone Number about pasta that contains the word Italy, Google concludes that the two are strongly linked. Because there are quite a few football forums and blogs linking Greece Phone Number ‘cockroaches’ and ‘Feyenoord’, Google has concluded that these belong together. Or, in this case, there must be a joke, a so-called Google Bomb . In any case, Google has apologized and Greece Phone Number promised to fix the problem. Google’s local SEO-missers These kinds of ‘mistakes’ are justifiable for me.

Greece Phone Number
Greece Phone Number

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It only becomes frustrating when the Greece Phone Number mistakes are directly at the expense of you as an entrepreneur or our local SEO customers. For example, I know several examples of companies that are still in Google Maps, but no Greece Phone Number longer exist, are in the wrong location or even have a double listing. It can always be a step worse, such as an open location showing as closed because it isn’t marked as closed in Greece Phone Number Google’s system . Google Maps-hack In the case of the Android logo urinating on the Apple logo, it’s a different story.

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