For years. Before neil left kissmetrics. His author bio was this: neil patel for content marketing benefits I know you’re now asking: what if our “chief evangelist” suddenly leaves us? It’s a valid question. And the answer is simple: “find someone new or do it yourself.” you see. Before kevan lee came to buffer. Their Vietnam Phone Number  present coo leo wildrich was the face of buffer. He had written about  guest posts (in nine months) that helped get buffer its first . customers. 

He did this while consistently updating the buffer blog with useful content (over  blog posts). Most of them were written between  and . Kevan was hired in . You know how many posts leo has written on the buffer social blog since then? Just two (at the time of this writing). What if you want to do content Vietnam Phone Number  creation yourself? Great! Whatever form of content you’re using. Make sure you’re consistent with it. That will help your quest to become the new face of your brand. Maybe you’re not a good writer and you still want to create the content on your blog and elsewhere? Hire a freelance ghostwriter. Or use a content agency. Whichever you can afford or whichever one meets your needs best. Post with your real name. 

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Let your personality shine through. Your audience will become familiar with you over time and love you too. Do it well. And you’ll become the [insert business name here] guy sooner than later. . It helps you hire and partner with great people neil patel posted this last year on his quick sprout blog. Neil Vietnam phone number patel on quicksprout blog for content marketing benefits “so what’s the purpose of today’s blog post? I am actually looking for more team members—family members— ones that I can work with for life. Now. Before you apply to any of these positions. Make sure you read them all. And pick the one that’s the best fit for you.” 

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See what he did there? He did not visit indeed or flexjobs or any job portal to post the vacancy. He did it on his blog. An update below the post showed he found good fits for all three positions Vietnam Phone Number   advertised. Update for content marketing benefits or look at the email josh turner of linkedselling sent subscribers of his newsletter: josh turner for content marketing benefits advertising three positions in his company too. Know what else josh did? If the subscribers are not interested or qualified. He asks them to forward the job description to people they think might be a good fit. 

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If you do not want the job. But you know the values of the company through its content. Would you not recommend it to a friend or relative who’s a good fit? Posting job adverts on your blog or sending them via newsletters don’t tell the full story either. Have you ever received pitches from people seeking Vietnam Phone Number  to fill a need in your business? I don’t mean generic pitches sent to a hundred other unsuspecting businesses.  mean pitches sent because they want to make quick bucks. I mean -page pdfs showing a thirty-day marketing plan for your business.  mean slides showing how your product can be improved based on interviews conducted on your customers.

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