Last week simsimi took social network users by. Storm who made it one of the most downloaded. Apps on the app store and google play. The success of the app was that it was a bot. That can start a conversation this is not an isolated. Case and there are even chat bot shops aimed. At brands last week simsimi took social media. Users by storm who made it one. Of the most downloaded apps on the app store. And google play the success of the app was that. It was a bot that can start a conversation. This is not an isolated case and there .Are even chatbot shops aimed at brands. VP Risk Email Lists Robot shutterstock.

Simsimi is a bot that chats with app users its

Simsimi is a bot that chats with app users its. Success is due to the fact that it offers funny. Accurate or unexpected answers but what if these. Ai-powered bots are used for less superficial. Reasons like customer service first what is a. VP Risk Email Lists Chatbot it is a digital program that mimics. Conversation between humans using artificial. Intelligence and a database a few weeks ago. Satya nadella ceo of microsoft said that. Bots are the new apps that company introduced. Tay a bot that had to be canceled because thanks. To its interaction with humans it became racist. VP Risk Email Lists And discriminatory in its messages.

But this is just beginning in fact chatbot

VP Risk Email Lists

But this is just beginning in fact chatbot.  Companies will be able to develop their own. Bot that will send the user information links. Answers to questions or jokes it will not be surprising. That in the coming months we will see dozens or. Hundreds of new bots developed by brands. In search of a new type of engagement with consumers. Are humans ready to live more with bots. Every day millions of people interact with siri. And ask their android questions. With the expression ok google so the path for. VP Risk Email Lists Advertisers.

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