Chivas is the most popular team in mexico according. To the annual survey by consulta mitofsky. The fan of soccer soccer in mexico 2018. In a few hours chivas will host toronto in the. Concacaf champions league final with the main. Objective of becoming the representative of the zone. Representing the mexican squads the most popular. Team in mexico according to the annua. Survey by consulta mitofsky the fan of soccer soccer in mexico. Will receive those from canada. At 8:30 p.M. Central mexico time at the akron stadium in guadalajara. Jalisco both teams will face each other and will. Concentrate much of the attention of soccer fans in mexico.

In the Previous Game the Team Stood Out as a Trend in Social

In the previous game the team stood out as a trend in social. Networks and in terms of ticket sales leaving thousands. Of followers wanting to live the live experience. Buy Kazakhstan Whatsapp Numbers Since tickets were sold out. For this reason as a plus to attract followers. On the platforms, and in collaboration with scotiabank. The squad launched a promotion with free tickets. To those who bought more than 3 thousand. Pesos in the great plaza of guadalajara. This didn’t seem like such an idea to fans of the squad. And in response they launched tweets directly. Attacking their marketing strategy . Guadalajara has never lost a series against mls clubs it beat dc.

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United in Concacaf and the 2007 Copa Sudamericana

United in concacaf and the 2007 copa sudamericana. As well as the seattle sounders and the ny red bulls. In the current edition of the tournament. According to the 2017 promotions preferences study. Carried out by the merca 2.0 research department. 89.7 percent of mexicans bought a product related to promotions. During that year. Furthermore, according. To the merca2.0 research department the digital promotions. Most used by agencies are these: contests on social networks. With 34.1 percent; data registration with28.6 percent. And trivia with 14.1 percent. However. When the promotions are not applied properly. All these figures vanish as could happen in the case of chiva

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