Because if information that a lot of people Exit Mobile Phone Numbers. Were looking for couldn’t be found on the site, it should come up from the searches. Top tasks table. Top of the table of the most view and search information website Amsterdam-Noord (2011 figures). Click on the image for a link to the complete table., Striking Exit Mobile Phone Numbers in our list 1. Few Missing Pages There is little search for information that is not on the site. So the site provides a good supply of the information most people are Exit Mobile Phone Numbers looking for. Two points stand out: In 2011 and a page with opening times of the pool was missing.

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Opening times were given for each Exit Mobile Phone Numbers type of swimming (eg recreational swimming), but these were difficult to find with the search engine. That was resolve in 2012, see the end of this article. Information Exit Mobile Phone Numbers about free parking is search in vain because the site only provides information about paid parking and blue zones. 2. Difficulty between top tasks and other tasks It is difficult to make a list of, for example, 10 top tasks: There are quite a few topics about which information Exit Mobile Phone Numbers is frequently view. It is difficult to draw a line somewhere between ‘top tasks’ and ‘other tasks’.

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These topics sometimes involve several Exit Mobile Phone Numbers frequently view pages, for example within ‘Florapark Swimming Pool’: contact details, information about recreational swimming, opening times and rates. 3. Tasks sometimes not very concrete Sometimes it is easy to deduce top tasks (searching specific information) from Exit Mobile Phone Numbers the data, sometimes not. Perhaps the people who view the pages about contact details, recreational swimming and rates of the Floraparkbad are actually looking for the opening Exit Mobile Phone Numbers times of, for example, recreational swimming. This is also relatively often search for with the search terms.

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