The only things Google can identify with Slovenia Phone Number this page is. That it belongs to menswear and jeans because these words appear at. The very beginning of the URL. The brand and the color that are select as a filter option in this case. On the other hand, cannot be found anywhere in the URL, so that Google will also link. This Slovenia Phone Number page much less easily to the brand in combination with the color. Also read: 5 failure stories from marketing experts & what you learn from them This makes organic ranking on the specific product much more difficult than if the result page URL look like In this fictitious Slovenia Phone Number example, the URL structure has been optimize, so that it can be better index by Google on subject and content. Is ranking that easy then?

New Link Slovenia Phone Number

Besides the fact that the URL of the Slovenia Phone Number page is a very important. Factor in ranking in organic results. In most cases a good URL structure alone is not enough to score optimally on the product in question. This Slovenia Phone Number possibility is greatly increase when the result page is provide with a correct title and quality content that is specifically about the content of the page in addition to a correct URL. In the Slovenia Phone Number example above, this would amount to a piece of text on the page specifically about the ‘jeans’ of ‘brand X’ in the color ‘blue’.

Slovenia Phone Number
Slovenia Phone Number

That Many Slovenia Phone Number

With content of sufficient length and Slovenia Phone Number quality, it is much more likely. That ranking in top positions for those specific products is possible. Despite the fact that the number of people searching for exactly that particular product is often a lot lower than the number of people searching for the general word ‘jeans’, this Slovenia Phone Number concerns very relevant traffic that is specifically looking for that product. Because of this, the conversion rate of this page will probably also be a lot higher than any other Slovenia Phone Number general jeans page. webtraffic The possibilities for Adwords Furthermore.

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