Following those conversations on  a better view of your business and provides deep insight into the habits, needs and expectations of your target audience . All the information is essential to design strategies for attracting potential clients, perfecting the sales funnel and even launching new solutions to the market. How to monitor customers and the market There are several tool options on the market that help your business monitor and manage social media. These tools are very useful and help to know what your customers think about your company, your services and the market in general.

Aggregate and analyze collected data to detect patterns and identify business opportunities. Constant monitoring is also important to prepare your company against possible threats and actions by competitors, in order to respond quickly and efficiently. 2. Approach each medium according to its characteristics A very common mistake that companies make when using social media is that they publish the same content on all channels. This happens frequently, as it is a way to simplify the work as the company manages to establish some type of presence in all the networks.

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However, this strategy has  Benin phone numbers some serious flaws. Major Mistakes of Standardizing Social Media . The first big mistake is looking for your company to be present in all social networks . If your target audience isn’t on a certain channel or isn’t using it in a way that benefits your business.  Then there’s no point in establishing to “mark territory”. In addition to running the risk of discrediting your brand name, you will spend efforts on actions that will not produce any kind of results. The second mistake is to include social media in your marketing strategy without considering that it encompasses much more than just creating profiles for your company.

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Again, it is important to look at how your target audience behaves and uses each.  Of the networks to design a better strategy around them. Always keep in mind the following: What does your audience gain by following your business on different channels if they will receive the same content on all of them? Answer this question by creating appropriate strategies and making better use of the tools offered by each social network. 3. Develop a personality As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, using social media as part of your marketing strategy involves more than creating a Facebook page and making a few posts.

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Work with these channels, define what will be the personality and positioning of your company in each of them. This doesn’t mean you need to create some kind of persona to interact with followers on social media; however, it is essential to define the tone of the language and the type of content that your company . Will offer so that people are interested in following it. What will be the language of the posts? Informal, fun or serious? What topics will your company address in these channels? It is important to respect the characteristics of each social medium and always be consistent in positioning and language.

Only in this way will you be able to unify communication and get . The public to identify with your company on social media. Don’t be boring: talk and participate Imagine you are having dinner . With friends and one of them dominates the conversation .  He talks a lot, interrupts every time another person tries to say something.  And only talks about himself. Very annoying, right? Surely, you have not the slightest interest in participating in that talk and will .  Leave at the first opportunity. Exactly the same thing happens on social media . When your company only talks about itself and its wonderful solutions.

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