Bi and havas group presented in colombia the report. On big data in latin america which shows interesting findings. On the use of analytics in the region. We spoke exclusively with gustavo villanueva. And martín garmendia dbi and havas group presented. In colombia the report on big data in latin america. Which shows interesting findings on the use of. Analytics in the region we spoke exclusively with. Gustavo villanueva and martín garmendia. in addition,This thursday dbi the data business intelligence consultancy. Uganda Whatsapp Number List Which is part of the havas group, presented. The report big data in latam and the colombia chapter. Which offers an overview of technological integration. In companies and agencies in the region.

Colombia Commented That Within the Study We See

Colombia commented that within the study we see. In the light of, that the main insight is that so far no more than 14 percent. Uganda whatsapp number list of those surveyed are managing to use the data. And that among the companies that are obtaining. similarly,Data and generating strategy activities only 39 percent are. Managing to generate insights although. Likewise, there is a concern of organizations to generate data. together with,And analytics it is costing them to analyze it and obtain. Equally,insights and beyond that to be able to generate. Strategies in the region and in the world. Uganda whatsapp number list big data is seen as a very strong trend as an important strategy. In the first place, organizations have been buying tools but they are.Promoting their capacity more than human talent.

Martín garmendia digital director for latin america

Uganda WhatsApp Number List

Martín garmendia digital director for latin america. At havas group comments that when we see who is taking. Action based on the data, colombia is behind latam. And has only 11 percent. We feel that today in colombia and latam more. Is being done in short-term advertising marketing. Actions than in the medium or long term. Whether it is resources dedicated to managing. Or understanding data or tools and technologies. Garmendia adds that in latin america 89 percent of managers. Additionally,say that they allocate less than 10 percent of the. Budget to investments in big data and analytics. Uganda whatsapp number list and we believe that this is thinking in a very short-term. Scenari the study indicates that during 2017 the main. Objective for which big data analytics.

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