Find information about Changsha Mobile Phone Number. Primary school / pre-school (still fairly general, to be specifie in more detail in the task). Find opening hours for Civil Affairs. Find a city district phone number. Search for information about the city district council (not concrete, to be fille in yourself). Search for a policy Changsha Mobile Phone Number document / decision of the district council (search for specific policy information in council documents). Find a restaurant. Looking for information about a performance in Noord. Find Changsha Mobile Phone Number a bicycle route. Find information about parking (paid / blue zone / free). Looking for information about a construction project (not concrete, to be fill in further yourself).

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Assignments usability test We now Changsha Mobile Phone Number have: 11 top tasks in the field of municipal products and services 14 top tasks in other information In all 25 tasks / assignments – that’s a lot for a usability test. We will have to delete some tasks at our discretion. And we will have to spread the assignments over the trial users. Often Changsha Mobile Phone Number after two or three trial users it is clear which problems a task can cause and it makes more sense to have another task perform. Also read: More control over your municipality with only 1 KPI Insights prior to the usability test In the meantime, looking Changsha Mobile Phone Number critically at the website from the perspective of the most important top tasks has yielde a few interesting insights. 1.

Changsha Mobile Phone Number

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Internal search engine often does not work Changsha Mobile Phone Number properly The commonly use search engine (use around 70,000 times a year) often does not work properly. Information about the ferry cannot be found with visitors’ keywords (it is search for with 30 different keywords, which indicates many attempts with other Changsha Mobile Phone Number keywords). Information about the ferry can be found immediately via Google. See images below. The same picture when looking for information about the Floraparkbad. This is because the internal search engine shows the most recent pages first. These are often not the Changsha Mobile Phone Number most important pages on the subject, but press releases, decisions, newspaper reports and project pages in which the word appears.

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