To get started, go to Joomla’s Jamaica Phone Number general settings, where you’ll find some SEO-specific stuff. First you will find the website name here: Joomla_1 Think carefully about what you enter here. You can use this website name to appear on any page of your website, before or after the page title. You do this with the Insert Jamaica Phone Number website name in page titles setting . Keep in mind that the page title is shown in Google as the heading of your website in the search results, and is very important to influence the Jamaica Phone Number click-through rate. Then you will find the SEO settings on the same page.

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The following combination of Jamaica Phone Number settings is almost always the best: Joomla_2 They are all set correctly by default. Only Use URL Rewrite should be set to yes . Simultaneously with this action, you need to rename the htaccess.txt file in the root directory of your site to .htaccess . With this action you ensure nice Jamaica Phone Number clean URLs. By the way, leave the metadata settings that you also find in the general settings empty. It is better to set it properly on a more specific level. The basic settings of the Jamaica Phone Number website are now correct. Build a structure with categories Next.

Jamaica Phone Number
Jamaica Phone Number

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Before you start creating your  Jamaica Phone Number articles, it is smart to first create the categories in Joomla as you came up with when you designed your structure. Only if you have a small site can you settle for the basic category uncategorized . For example, if you have an online pet food store, you could create categories for dog food, cat food, and Jamaica Phone Number fish food. You can now create your site’s articles in the article manager and assign them to the relevant categories. At a later stage, after you have also created your articles, you still need to create your menus. It is often good to have the structure that you have created in your Jamaica Phone Number categories also reflected in your menu structure. For example, if you have a ‘blog’ category, link it to the ‘blog’ menu as well.

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