Therefore, it is important to use digital technologies, such as online CRM , for example, to have all the information about customers gathered in a single easily accessible place, which is available to all teams. 2. Optimize the experience across all touchpoints In the scenario we are in today, customers want to interact with companies anytime, anywhere . Companies need to adapt to strengthen links and keep consumers using technology as an ally. Regardless of the channel through which the relationship occurs, the customer experience needs to be consistent and positive. Mobility is one of the key points in this process.

The use of tablets and mobile devices in customer service boosts productivity through agile interaction. That’s why it’s critical to constantly improve the mobile experience . All of this is also related to sales teams, since it facilitates and brings improvements to the relationship between vendors and customers. 3. Perfect processes, models and technologies that involve the company as a whole The impacts of digital transformation on the customer experience require the involvement of various teams and departments of the company, going beyond the customer relationship and service sectors .

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Technologies  be integrat, and efficient Austria mobile number  while offering a simple and intuitive experience for customers. The transformation to be in the culture of the company and be disseminat among all teams so that new technologies can fulfill their role and bring value to both the business and the consumers. 4. Increase and improve digital presence There is no doubt: with new technologies becoming more accessible, consumers are online. Now, digital presence is more important than ever. Among digital transformation strategies, companies need to consider their communication and engagement with digital media and online communities .

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Do you want to know more about customer experience? See also: [Blog Post]: Expectations for 2018: artificial intelligence at the service of consumers Do you already know the definition and concept of what CRM is , but still have doubts about the differences between the types of tools? Want to find out which one is the best? Or are you still wondering if CRM platforms are keeping up with the fast pace . Of new technologies that are changing customer experiences faster than ever? Then you are in the right place! By understanding all about the different types of CRM and available technologies . You will be well on your way to achieving success for your business.

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When you think about it from the start, when it comes to the tool itself, there are basically two types of CRM: CRM online . Is the CRM in the cloud, in which the infrastructure is managed digitally.  Through the Internet by a team of remote specialists. CRM on-premise : it is the CRM system located in the company .  Itself and that requires a server and the maintenance of its own IT team. CRM online x CRM on-premise: advantages and disadvantages . As we have already seen, saying that the CRM is on-premise means saying that it is maintained on . A company server , which can be in a specific room or even in a closet. In general, the company needs to buy a server or a computer that can be used as a server for the CRM software to be installed and to have an IT team to carry out the maintenance.

Online CRM (in the cloud) can also be call software as a service ( SaaS ) , as it does not need to be install or require an IT department for management purposes. Instead, you simply log in online and start using it. The cloud-bas  CRM can be accessed at any time, by anyone authorized by the company — even through mobile devices. Below we bring a comparison between the two types of CRM , presenting the advantages and disadvantages of each. online-CRM On-premise CRM Advantages Accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Accessible from anywhere and mobile device The initial investment is minimal Does not require server maintenance and updates are automatic Safely accompanies the growth.


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