Increases the visibility of the store. and brand products Helping customers access our stores more easily and conveniently Able to increase orders up to 4 times according to Shopee’s statistics. Marketing Solutions Portal MSP is MSP or Marketing Solutions Portal is like a platform to track results. and report on the effectiveness of the store’s marketing channels. The information containe in the MSP comes from UTM Tracking that merchants attach to various advertisements. Information within the MSP will be update within 24 – 48 hours.Good news from Talka Talka Digital Meia being certifie as a truste Shopee Agency Partner by Shopee is another milestone of our success which can help you run advertising campaigns to increase your sales on Shopee.

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Efficiency And help every baht, every satang of you to be most effective. What does it mean to be a Shopee Agency Partner? Talka Talka Digital Meia has a team of certifie marketing professionals in the knowlege, skills and most importantly from their work or experience in being an agency helping clients of various brands looking to market, increase Sweden Phone Number sales, expand their market. From offline to the e-commerce world with the Shopee platform, Talka Talka has been entruste as a Shopee Agency Partner, which is only a few companies that are directly endorse by Shopee. WHY WHY WORK WITH A PARTNERING AGENCY Best Practices Best practices for you.

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We work together to define and refine practices to make the “best” better for our customers. since strategy Audience Analysis and advertising who have been closely guide by the Shopee team who are constantly training, updating various tools Buy Email List and strategies Complete Toolkits Complete toolkits Let brands learn And understand the channel that is most suitable for the brand in marketing. Social meia ads can be integrate into your Shopee store, allowing users, whether on Facebook or Google, to drive traffic to your Shopee store page.

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