A passion project became a serious business. Done part time before most people were awake. That habit was an investment in me. But when I started I didn’t understand its far reaching consequences. The power of validation in  a journalist david isay decided to capture the stories of ordinary India Phone Number people. He visited the flop houses of new york and sat down with men that had been living and surviving for decades in run down buildings. After publishing their interviews he went back and showed them their one page stories in print. 

One man on seeing his name in black and white. Seized the book out of david’s hand and ran down the corridor and shouted “I exist…..I exist……I exist!” these men had to wait for someone else to discover them……to share their story with the world. The visibility had also provided a validation. It is something we as India Phone Number humans crave. To be acknowledged is a powerful thing. Choose to be discovered but on today’s social and mobile web we don’t have to wait for discovery or for permission. We can create. Publish and showcase our own existence without waiting for permission or to be “discovered” we can choose to start something of consequence. We can choose to create.  

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When you start sharing that with the planet. The magic of that distillation of your thoughts and genius is a place to grow and to be validated. The social web with its platforms and networks is a feedback loop that will give you the feedback you need to evolve and grow. I pose a new mantra. “ create. I India phone number publish. I exist” block out your time for “your” creation so plan your day for making sure you have focused creative space. Block out time for “deep work”. Don’t make success an accident. Design your life. Share your expertise. Experience and passion. We all have the opportunity to be craftsmen. 

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To be creators and producers of content and media that belongs to you and not the corporation. The habit of doing the “deep work” is not just about productivity. It goes much deeper than that. It is a place where your learning goes to a new level one day at a time. Blocking out some hours for you. For your India Phone Number work. But……don’t keep your creation hidden from the world. Share it. That is where the magic happens. It will fill the hole that gnaws at you every day if that opportunity to create in concentration is ignored. Soul food you will feel a sense of accomplishment as a work that started as raw and rough becomes a piece of art that is yours. 

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It will feed your soul. That’s your life. Your work and your creation. You will look back in a year and wonder why you didn’t start the habit earlier. But you must commit to making India Phone Number it happen and to investing in yourself. Responding to other people’s emails and attending meetings is not investing in your work. It is just busyness. One of the biggest challenges in life can be the habits that trap us in mediocrity or stop us growing and moving forward.

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