A first approximation to this behavior is the projection. Of the gartner firm which estimates 268 thousand 692 million. Application downloads for 2017. Currently the use of social networks by mexicans represents a social media penetration level of 98.2 percent among internet users, according to comscore. Faced with these figures, one use that is made of social networks is to post the place where the user is, for which data from the study “User profile in social networks” carried out by merca2. Western Sahara B2B Lis indicate that 40.33 per percent of users carry out this activity.

Against percent who denied doing so

Against percent who denied doing so. Of them among mexicans who do not usually post. The places they visit on social networks 55.94 percent were men against 63.06 percent. Western Sahara B2B List Of women in the case of those who. Claimed to use social networks to post the place. Where they are 44.06 percent were men versus. 36.94 percent women places2 figures from the study. Placed facebook as the main platform for posting. The location of social network users in mexico. With 40.71 percent this platform is followed by twitter. Western Sahara B2B Lis With 27.86 percent of preferences.

Western Sahara B2B Lis

And foursquare with percent places another

And foursquare with percent places another. Phenomenon that helps to understand the impact of social networks on the mexican consumer and that can help design marketing strategies is offered by the study uses of mobile telephony carried out by merca2.0 in which it was discovered that the time of day the greatest use of these platforms is while they are at home, for 31 percent of men, while for 3.3 percent of women, the time they check their. Western Sahara B2B Lis networks is while they are in a meeting.

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