Rich-brooks-win-a-consult-lead-magnet on his website he asked people to subscribe to his newsletter and in exchange he gave them a chance to win a free one hour marketing consult. On the free consult landing page. He goes on to explain that every week he will do a website and marketing consult with a subscriber on his email list. Rich brooks’ also mentions that he will record the consult and share it on youtube. So with this process Cyprus phone number he’s not just getting email subscribers. But also some content for his youtube channel. You too can offer a free consult in a similar manner and convert traffic into subscribers. 

If you do a great job. Some of these people will turn into paid clients. You can also mention how much you usually charge for a consult like this on your landing page. This will boost conversions. . Webinars webinars make great lead magnets as it’s a live event many people want to sign up for. According to adobe Cyprus phone number connect. The average conversion rate of their webinar landing page is .  of registrants viewed the live event.  viewed the recordings and  of the attendees joined a product demo at the end of the webinar. If you would like high conversion rates such as the above. Make sure you use a good landing page. When kissmetrics began running webinars they used the regular landing pages offered by gotowebinar. 

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Kissmetrics-webinar-landing-page these had a very low conversion rate. So the company used unbounce to build some new landing pages. They boosted their conversion rates to  to . An increase of over .. On the landing page they even added a question asking people if they would like to sign up for a demo. This Cyprus phone number got kissmetrics an average of $. in highly qualified new opportunities from each webinar. Here are some quick tips to help you set up a high converting webinar landing page… get a good landing page tool: there are many landing page tools. 

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They already have high converting webinar landing page templates. All you need to do is add in your copy and branding and you are ready to go. Some good companies are leadpages. Unbounce Cyprus phone number and instapages. Use the power of scarcity: most webinars will have a limited seating of  to  attendees. Make sure you mention this in your copy as scarcity can increase conversions. Also add a countdown timer that shows when the webinar is starting.

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 Mention bonuses: if you plan to give away discounts. Bonuses or exclusive content during the webinar. Make sure you add this information to the landing page too. This will persuade more people to attend. Webinar-recordings-lead-magnet after you conduct the webinar. Make sure you promote the recording on a landing page and give access to it in exchange for a sign up. If you conduct webinars on a regular basis. You will have so Cyprus phone number many lead magnets just like kissmetrics. To make the webinar recording landing page more persuasive. Include testimonials from past attendees. . Giving away your products your products can be excellent lead magnets too as they give people a taste of what is to come.

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