Dutch shoe retailer Omoda needed to rethink its approach to online advertising. As the company grew, they found it difficult to maintain and oversee the quality of their 300 campaigns. That’s why they started working with the marketing agency Dept. The dept helped the company with automation purposes. The value of Omoda’s search advertising conversions increased by 30%. The company’s employees also spent 20% less time on manual tasks and were able to expand these responsibilities internationally. The company helped them gather primary data to improve the customer engagement model. With an external digital marketing campaign specialist, they no longer need to expand their team.

What We Have Learned : While Delegating Control

may seem daunting, the benefits and potential outweigh that fear. TopShop brand positioning case study TopShop street view Image by Flickr user Carol This case study of brand positioning highlights the importance of a content management strategy. London Fashion Week is a competitive event where every brand wants to stay unique. And in order to stand out, every effort must be made. Graphic Design The new TopShop idea to stand out from the crowd came from a partnership with Google+.

Graphic Design

The Partnership Gave Fans:Access to Behind-The-Scenes

And meetings and parties on the red carpet google’s podium photo booth in the main store trendy party gadget google+ users interact with topshop creative director and design manager content from top models like cara delevingne, jourdan dunn, rosie tapner and ashleigh good in addition to these features, users were able to enjoy interactive features. A special google+ booth allowed users to try out fashion products and post photos. In addition, be a part of the team allowed the audience to watch behind the scenes at top shop headquarters. The result was 4 million views across all platforms. “tūsas” on the red carpet was also very successful – its live broadcast was watched by 7,500 viewers.

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