We are in full euphoria for avengers: infinity war which is breaking. All box office records, and this is used to revive another. Marvel film ant-man and the wasp we are in full. Euphoria for avengers infinity war which is breaking. All box office records and this is used to revive. Another marvel film ant-man and the wasp. This year, the marvel cinematic universe. Mcu has given a blow to authority at the box. Office with two of its films part of phase 3. And it is that black panther, despite arousing divided comments. Surprised by raising more than a thousand. 326 million dollars not bad for not being the most famous. Of the group of avengers not only that avengers infinity war is breaking. Superhero movies and many in movie history.

Only during the weekend of its premiere it already accumulates

Only during the weekend of its premiere it already accumulates. More than 640 million dollars according to data from box office. Buy Egypt Whatsapp Numbers Surpassing universal’s fast furious 8. This great moment that is experienced. In the media and networks serves to revive what will be his. Third film of the year, since they have just published the new. Poster for ant-man and the wasp. In this new art marvel gives hope van dyne. The wasp played by evangeline lilly the leading role. And it makes sense since in this story set between .The avengers splitting up after captain. America civil war and what happens in avengers. Infinity war scott lang will have serious problems. So hope will have to take control of the situation.

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In Addition on the Poster We See Janet Van Dyne

In addition on the poster we see janet van dyne. Michelle pfeiffer the original the wasp and founding member .Of the avengers in the comic in a kind of tribute. To give her her place as one of the most. Important characters in the saga marvel thus empowers. The wasp again and highlights the role it will play in this story but. Above all, appeals to the great engagement that evangeline. Lilly has who has been an important part of the marketing. Actions by sharing some images with previews. Of her character this is the second. Installment of this franchise that debuted alone. In 2015 and did not do badly at all, achieving just over 519 million. Dollars at the box office according to box office data.

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