If you’re at your wit’s end, here are some of the best tips on how to ask for referrals. Reach out to the right people. Prior to starting your referral program, know the right people to ask. Regardless of whether you’re considering a few customers or a large group of customers, be deliberate about who to ask. When asking for referrals, don’t target all your customers. Focus on clients you already have a strong relationship with. These are the customers offering complementary products to those within your community.

Have You Been Keeping Track of Your Customer Feedback

Customers giving positive feedback are happy with the products you offer. They are the first group that can offer positive recommendations, and they are more than willing to refer you to their circle. For instance, if you’re in an e-commerce business, seek referrals from regular customers. This could be those who have purchased products  Jordan Phone Number  worth more than $200 in the past few months. These customers are satisfied with your products and the experience.

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The Ask Should Feel Natural

To avoid feeling pushy when asking for referrals, build a strong relationship with your customers first. Asking referrals should be a product of natural progression in the business-customer relationship. As a rule of the thumb, don’t ask for referrals to new customers; you might lose them. Imagine meeting a new person only for them to start asking for your friends’ contacts, annoying, right? This is the same feeling a new customer gets when you ask them for referrals. They get and thus can easily give you referrals.

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